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About Us

For years, Arlingford Dog Boarding has provided the Eastside area with a completely unique, open environment for  pups and an amazing level of freedom and personalized care.  Danny, Wes and Dane Davidson combine years of pet boarding experience with a wonderful, landscaped playland to create the safest, most comfortable & happy home-style stay available while you're away. We're  confident you'll  be completely  satisfied boarding with us each & everytime you need your pet kept safe and feeling like they never left home !












               Dane                                     Danny


With a combined total of over 20 years of pet boarding experience, Danny, Wes and Dane  provide a unique outdoor and home environment.  The combination of freedom with the personal time and attention dogs need  make it a truly amazing experience for every pup. Special diet and medication needs are attended to and access to 24-hour veterinary support. At Arlingford Boarding, a fun, cage-free experience ensures each dog can rest inside or stay active running and playing until too tired to play anymore.




                      Anne G.

                     Amazing place !!    Lot's of room for  Bernie to

                     run - he was very happy  when  I came to pick

                     him up and didn't want to leave!This  is hands

                     down  the  best  place  I've seen  for Bernie to

                     have fun while I'm away.


                      Allison O.

                     They took such good care of my Sasha when I

                     had to  go east for a family  emergency.  They

                     made it so easy and my girl came home happy

                     and calm. By far the best I've ever used.



                      Christine M.

                      I was able to arrange  for my 120 lb. monster                       St. Bernard to  stay  here  last minute. My big

                      ol' pup  had loads of fun  with  the other dogs

                      and came home happy and exhausted.   

                      Wonderful people  -  wonderful place and way

                      way, way better than a kennel !








John G.

Dexter loves  it  here !   He  always makes himself right at home with a couple of  other dogs to play

with and gets to go inside  or  outdoors whenever

he wants.   I've  had  Dexter stay here  3 times. It's the greatest place !

Karen S.

It's great knowing I can leave Charlie there to have a good time.  They  gave  me  updates  on  Charlie, and  made sure he got  his medications.  I booked for 5 days and ended up extending my reservation to a week without any hastles. I was very happy to see  that  Charlie  was  well  taken care of and very happy when I picked him up.

Madison H.

Tofer is a  wild pup and needs to be able to  run for hours on end.  I  was  very  lucky  to  find  this place

because  they  actually  let  the  dogs  run  free  and

don't lock them up during the day or at night which was great !  I'm definitely bringing Tofer back !


Latanya S.

I  couldn't  be  happier !!   I  booked  just  one  day  in advance  and  was  able  to  come and take a tour of the facility the day before I dropped off Onie. She's a little handful but,  they  had  a  wonderful  place with other  dogs  there for her to play with.  I'll  board her here again and recommend it to anyone. Thanks !!


Kayla H.

It's  really nice to be  able  to  drop-off  Penny and feel comfortable  going  out of town with her in  great care and in  a great place.  I usually just drop her off for the weekend but, every now and then I go out of town for a  longer  period   and   I  always  use   Arlingford  Dog Boarding.   Penny  loves  it  there  and  I've  been  very happy with my experience !

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