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Lost and Found Animals

ATTENTION: There are several helpful resources you can use to try and locate your lost pet or to reunite a lost pet you have found with it's family. Here is a list of steps you should take in the event your pet is lost or you have found a lost pet: 


1) Contact Regional Animal Services for your county and check to see if your pet has been picked up by animal control.      For King County, the phone number is:(206)-296-7387 


2) Look on in the "Community" section in the top left corner. It is common for people to post about lost or found animals here, and there is a link for "lost and found", and another link for "pets". Type in the breed of the pet in both of these sections and see if there are any postings that relate to your lost or found pet. You may also want to type in the city you live in to narrow down your search.



3) If your pet is micochipped, make sure the information on the micochip is current. If not, contact the organization that micochipped your pet, and update your contact information. 



4) Go to                               and enter your zip code or city. This is a great site that keeps photo records of pets that   have been found by Regional Animal Services. You can also create a profile of your pet and add it to their database     torecieve notifications when a pet is found matching your profile. 


5) Visit your local animal shelters and Humane Society to fill out a report on your pet if it is missing. 


6) Post flyers with a picture of your pet and your contact information around your neighborhood and at local                 establishments such as grocery stores and local veterinarian offices. The more people see your postings, the better 

chance a pet will be reunited with it's family. 





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