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Cage Free   vs.  Kennel Boarding

We  support  Regional Animal Services of King County and the Humane Society in their effort to find displaced animals a loving home and reunite lost animals with their family's. 

If you're a dog owner, you know that taking good care of your pup is not just something you do if you can find the time. In addition to necessities like food, water and going to the bathroom, dogs also need plenty of excercise and last but, not least, they need lots of love and attention.


Like every member of our family, dogs are often the closest to our hearts. Like our children, they're utterly dependent on our good judgement and decisions for their safety, well-being and happiness. With that said, if you needed to go on a trip and had to find a suitable place for your child to stay, you'd make sure it would be the best and safest place with the best care possible. 


Our dogs are part of our families, experiencing happiness or fear and anxiety just like us and have a need to feel comfortable and safe in their environment.  They long for the freedom to run or rest whenever they like and the comfort of knowing they're safe with someone who loves and cares for them. That's why home-style, cage-free boarding is a far superior alternative to kennel boarding. If you've ever been to the humane society, then you've seen and heard the animals locked up in cages with fear and desperation in their eyes.  Imagine locking and leaving your pup in that environment for days or weeks while you're away. Paying extra for short, leashed walks around the "prison yard" doesn't begin to provide enough excercise or offset the other 95% of their time spent in discomfort and loneliness. Paying a great deal to lock and leave your pup, your family member, in a dreadful environment for days or weeks simply makes no sense.  Make no mistake, in kennel boarding facilities, dogs are locked in cages with their own waste which must be cleaned away each day, with no room to run and play and, if lucky, only a short, leashed walk each day and not remotely enough interaction or attention to keep them feeling loved. 


Take a good look at the readily available option: Home-Style, Cage Free Boarding. One such facility is Arlingford Dog Boarding in Kirkland, Washington. They do not incorporate the use of kennels or cages and dogs are free to walk, run, jump, socialize and explore all day long in a safe environment with all the comforts of home. There are far fewer dogs at any one time at cage-free facilities such as this, allowing far more individual attention to each dog and their needs both emotionally and physically. A cage free home environment with open access to outdoors has proven to have a profoundly positive effect on a dogs mental and physical well-being, in stark contrast to locking-up a dog separated and alone in a cramped cage for days or weeks. The next time you have to go away for a while, give serious thought to what your pup will experience every hour of every day while you're gone. Facilities like Arlingford Dog Boarding offer you and your dog the peace of mind that comes with a fun, comfortable, safe and healthy cage-free, home-style boarding experience. Check out a property and home facility like Arlingford Boarding and judge for yourself !


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